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A view from afar

A novel by Curt Eriksen

I fell into the story easily, and the deeper I went into it I found myself more and more compelled by it and by the strong characters and counterpointing narrative.

A Place of Timeless Harmony

Two lovers seeking a reprieve from the confines of their affair in Minneapolis choose Tanzania as the setting of their idyllic getaway.  But once they enter the Serengeti their innate unhappiness and gradual growing apart is fed by a developing mutual distrust and harboring of deeper and darker secrets that are painfully worked out allegorically through the events that surround them.


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Unique story
Boston Globe

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Personal writing
Publishers Weekly

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Fresh novel
Kirkus Review

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The story behind the story

In 2015 Curt Eriksen took his three kids to Tanzania with the idea of writing a piece of non-fiction based upon this once-in-a-lifetime family trip.  Instead he produced a story that won the 2016 Clay Reynolds Novella Prize.
  • The word 'serengeti' means 'extended space' or 'endless plain' in Maa, the language of the Maasai.

  • During the dry season the wildlife is drawn to the campsite at night by the scent of the water used for cooking and cleaning.

  • Although phylogenetically closer to felines, hyenas are behaviorally and morphologically more similar to canines.

  • Hyenas will eat anything, including stinky socks and shoes.

  • Despite their respective reputations, lions are more likely to scavenge from hyenas than the other way around.

  • And unlike lions, which usually kill their prey before eating them, hyenas devour the animals they hunt while still alive.





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