What’s the point?

The many dreams again! For those who don’t experience this, those who rarely if ever recall their dreams and are not therefore aware of dreaming throughout the night, how could I explain what it’s like? I am usually tired by the time I finish each day, and that finish is usually preceded by reading which, […]

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The Maids of Havana

The Maids of Havana covers a period of time in which the magnitude of political events could not have been greater, and yet these political developments are presented in a way that indicates both how much and how little the lives of people like Marta were affected by the changes brought about by the triumph

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The Good Assassin

Paul Vidich’s The Good Assassin raises a number of questions, some of which have to do with the action in this “Cold War spy fiction” that just happens to be set in Havana, on the eve of the triumph of Fidel Castro’s Revolution; and others that have more to do with why we read in the first

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